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Welcome to the Parts List Page!

Note: There has been an increase in inquiries as to how much something cost and if it is in stock.
Please do not ask. This site is not in the business of stocking or selling parts.

This list has been compiled to help people identify the different parts used in the Latitude and Inspiron notebook computers.  I have tried to ensure that the part numbers are correct.  Should you find an error, please notify me.  I will eagerly accept any additions that you may have for this list and   any contributions can be emailed to me and I will include them in a timely manner.

As a note, almost every Inspiron (including 2100, 2500, 3700, 3800, 4000, 4100, 4150, 8000, 8100, 8200) and Latitude C series notebook use the same kind of modular bay accessories. The Inspiron 3500 and I7x00 series are different. 

Here I have listed the equivalent models between the Latitude and Inspiron series:

Inspiron 3700
Latitude CPxH
Inspiron 3800
Latitude CPxJ
Inspiron 4000
Latitude C500 (Celeron) C600 (PIII)
Inspiron 4100
Latitude C510 (Celeron) C610 (PIII)
Inspiron 4150
Latitude C640
Inspiron 8000
Latitude C800
Inspiron 8100
Latitude C810
Inspiron 8200
Latitude C840

Typically, the same part for the Inspiron can be used in the equivalent Latitude computer.


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