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The question always comes up, "Can I hook up my laptop hard drive to my desktop?"  The answer is yes with the proper adapter. You will need a 44 pin to 40 pin IDE adapter.

The connector adaptor converts a laptop HDD 2.5 inch connector to a 3.5 inch HDD connector as used in the IDE bus system.  It is powered by a 5V Molex plug.

This allows the use of a laptop hard drive with a 44 pin connector in a standard tower or desktop PC on the 40 pin IDE cable.  You will have to set the laptop hard drive as a Master or Slave depending on your Desktop configuration.

This adaptor will not work for plugging a standard IDE type hard drive into a laptop drive controller.

Laptop to IDE HDD  Adapter
NOTE:  It's important to properly connect both ends of the adapter to ensure functionality and prevent the possibility of shorts.  On the IDE interface end, the red wire on the ribbon represents pin 1.  On the HDD, pin 1 should be labelled by the drive's manufacturer.  Pin 1 on the adapter is shown in the this graphic.
Laptop to IDE HDD  Adapter

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