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How to Install a HDD in a Hard Drive Caddy

This page shows how to remove a hard disk drive from the 48CVX hard disk drive caddy.
This caddy is used in the Inspiron 8000, 8100, 8200 and Latitude C800/C810/C820.

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Here the hard drive and the caddy have already been removed from the computer. To remove the hard drive caddy from the computer, you first must remove the screw that holds the caddy in place. The part number for the single screw that attaches the carrier to the notebook is 6350E. This screw is located on the end of the exposed part of the caddy just above the infrared sensor.

This is a view of the rear side of the caddy. The hard drive and the Hard Drive Pin Adapter are still installed. The 40 pin connector's part number is 8267R. (Dell part description for the 8267R is:
Connector,Header,2X22,Female,2,S,Gold,35K,Third Height,Chip Set)
Turn the hard disk drive caddy upside down. Remove the 4 screws that hold the hard drive in the caddy. The part number for these screws is 97580.

Carefully remove the hard drive from the carrier. To do this, lift the end of the hard drive that is towards the infrared sensor and then slide the hard drive out.

Now carefully remove the Hard Drive Pin Adapter. Be careful to not bend the pins. The part number for this connector is 8267R. This connector/adapter changes the pin connectors on the hard drive to a knife edge connector that is on the motherboard.

  To install the hard drive into the caddy, just reverse the above order.

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