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Create BIOS Update CD

Many that purchase a Dell PC do not get the optional floppy drive or the floppy drive might not even be an option for that computer. That complicates updating your BIOS, especially when most people will recommend that you never use Dell's BIOS Flash updates within the Windows enviorment.

Dell's BIOS Flash Update Program does support flashing from within Windows but the failure rate is high. A failed BIOS update ruins your computer.

What do you do then? Create a bootable CD with the flash update program on it.
You can also create a bootable memory key with the flash update program on it. I cover that on another page.

I am using Ahead Nero Burning ROM version 7. You can use any burning software that you prefer as long it supports creating a bootable CD.


Download the boot image file

You will need to download the bootable image file boot.zip. This image file will be used to make the CD bootable.
Use Winzip or WinRar to extract the file boot.img from boot.zip. Remember where you extracted this file to.
You will need this file later.

Here is a list of the files that are contained in this image file. These will show up on the A:\ drive after you use it to boot your computer.

The image contains only the neccessary DOS system files and different ATAPI- and SCSI- CDROM-Drivers.
It does not contain emm386 or himem which could compromise the BIOS update.

So let's get started. I will assume that you have already downloaded the necessary AND correct BIOS update program.


Instructions on how to create the bootable CD

1. Start up Nero Burning ROM program and choose "New Compilation".
2. Select CD in the upper left hand drop down list
3. Scroll down the left side and select "CD-ROM (Boot)
4. On the Boot tab, select "Image file" as the source and Browse to where you saved the file boot.img.
5. Now click the "New" button.

6. In the File Browser section, navigate to the folder that you downloaded the BIOS update program to.
7. Drag and drop the BIOS update program to the left pane.
8. Select your burner from the drop down list.
9. Click on the Burn button to burn the CDR or RW.


Updating the BIOS using the CD

The following instructions are based on a Dell computer. Use the appropriate instructions for your computer.

  • Boot the computer and when you see Dell's BIOS boot screen, press the F12 key.
  • Insert the CD that you created into the CD drive.
  • Select boot from the CDROM.
  • You should now see the DOS A:\ prompt.
    • Drive A will contains the files that were in the boot.img file.
    • Drive Z will contain your Flash BIOS update file.
  • Switch to Drive Z
  • At the DOS prompt, type in the name of your Flash BIOS update file.
    • In this example, it would be MP061A06.EXE.
  • Just follow the instructions on the screen.


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