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Upgrade the Video Card on an Inspiron 8500/8600

These pictures where supplied by DELL-Machina at www.sagerforums.com Dell Section. He has graciously given permission to use them here. DELL-Machina's Guide to Upgrading/Replacing your Video Card For the Dell Inspiron 8500/8600 notebooks.

Heat problems have been reported using the Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo in the Inspiron 8500. A method has been developed that seems to address this problem.

Note: you can use this same method to upgrade or replace the video card in the Dell D800 with the M10 video card.

F3515 - Card (Circuit),GRPHC,ATI,128MB,M10,8600 is a REFURB MR9600 (90 day warranty)
H3251 - MOD,CRD,GRPHC,ATI,128,M10,8600 is a NEW MR9600 (one year warranty)


To prepare for the upgrade, have a small philips and flat head screw driver handy.

The first step is to remove both the AC and battery power to prevent any damage to the computer. Then lean the LCD screen all the way down as shown.

Slide the flat head screw driver into the slot (as shown) and then pop the bezel out.

Dell Community Member somms has an alternate method to remove the bezel.

Submitted by Dell Community Member somms.

To prevent possible damage to the bezel, there is an alternate method to remove it. Instead of prying the bezel off, remove the fan assembly which will allow you to use your finger to push up on the bottom of the bezel to pop it off.

Once you reach the end of the bezel, you will notice that it is attached to the notebook. You will need to pull the black tag to fully remove the bezel. It should come right off.
Here it shows the connector completely removed.
Once the bezel is fully removed, this is what you will see.
Use the philips head screw driver to remove the two screws holding the keyboard in place. These screws are marked by the red squares.
Carefully push the keyboard upwards and slide it out and place it over the track pad. Totally removing the keyboard is optional.
For those that would feel more comfortable with the keyboard removed, carefully pull on the ribbon connector to remove it.

Here, the keyboard has been totally removed. Next, the LCD connector needs to be disconnected. Carefully pull on the tag to remove the connector from the socket on the video card.

After you disconnect the LCD ribbon connector, make sure that you keep the wiring out of the way to make removing the video card easier.

Notice that the LCD connector is pushed out of the way.

Remove the screw that has been identified inside the red square. This is the first of four screws that will need to be removed to completely remove the video card.

Here is the second screw that needs to be removed.
Here is the third screw to remove.
Here is the last of four screws that needs to be removed.

Now you can remove the video card.

The chip under the video card is the PentiumM chipset, not the CPU.

Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo 128MB 334Mhz Core 241Mhz Memory (580)

That black heat pipe touches the motherboard chip directly.

Keep this in mind when you are over clocking because even though your video card may handle the heat, your motherboard may not.

Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo (Front view)

To install the upgrade of replacement video card, just reverse the instruction steps.

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